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R A J E S S S !
26thSEPP , her day . :D
Teach me how to laugh .
Schooling at NORTHVIEWSEC.
She play the BIG role of making others HAPPY (:


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Sunday, March 14, 2010
@ 6:48 PM

LOL! Just realised being at home is much more BORING than being out.
&&& Happy Birthday Gina Seah!(;
Smilezzz always like alwaes you do! =]

Got sooo much of homework to do.
Found that picture above after so long
& thought of editing it! (:
I'll blog things later!

Saturday, February 13, 2010
@ 10:23 PM

Heyo peepz!
I'm sorrrrrrrrrry GOUTHAM!
I keep on promising you to update ma blog, but i FAILED!
Wokie wokie!
I promise i'll update once in a week alrights?

& yeah! today is Valentines Day! =D
Happy Valentines Day to everyone ;
Happy CNY to all my chinese friends! =]
Recently I've got two kuku's who turned 15 & 16!
Karthik Muthu & Goutham!
Hahahas! Happy Birthday Both Of You'll! =D

I'm so fallin in love with Shahid Kapoor, since yesterday i watched JAB WE MET!
Such a lovely couples!
I've seriously have nothing to blog also! =p
I shall blog when ive got some interesting things!
blahhh! =D

Adi0z! =]

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
@ 11:43 PM

Afternoon peoplee! =]]
Well, today was SUPER-BORING!
Morning woke up, did maths homework! =DD
Talked to Desvin & Selva!
As usual.. Desvin with his nonsense =D
& also Selva !
Webcammed with Sharvin & Goutham! =DD
&& AMIRAAA! I talked to that LOOSU!
took ma lunch & slept!

See ma hp, 3 messages ; from Sharvin.
LOOOOLs! I called him , then went to sleep.
slept for 5 mins. LAWLS!
Couldn't sleep at all. Haisssss!
One left for lunch, one went offline!
Goutham came online. WEBCAM =DDDDD
Uptill 3.50pm! Super-fun webcamming with that donkee!

He asked me to blog about him. LOL.
So, Goutham I shall do it now.
Well, Goutham is ma best of everyone!
He never fails to put a smile on ma face!
Knew him since primary 3.
From there.. we became very close.
We shared grandmother stories, secrets =]
Though he is a lil playful & stuff, he is always a guy who has full of nonsense =D
6 years of friendship is still on in between us.
Thanks Goutham whenever I need your help.
Heart you lots COWTHUMBBB!
ps : don't scold me for putting that nick. Sharmila was the one who created that
dumb dumb nick! BLEHHHH ! =pp

Sighs sighs sighs!
I'm just waiting when will you fly back to singapore.
I so miss you !
I miss webcamming with you, meeting you, talking nonsense stuffs.
Currently I've got no one to talk all those to =(
Damn BESTIEEEEE! Faster comee back!
I love you plenty!

I've got to go! BUHBYE!

Monday, November 23, 2009
@ 11:39 PM

[[ Every now and then, we find a special friend, who never lets us down, who understands it all, reaches out each time I fall. You are the best friend that I found. I know you can't stay, but part of you will never go away. I do treasure this friendship.I'll make a wish for you upon the star. ]] Amira, Ropini, Sharvin =]] thanks alot. =]]]]]]]]]]] ]]

Afternoooon people!
After a long time, im blogging!
HAHA. Saturday went out!
First went to Golden Landmark Hotel for engagement & then head over to Khalsa
for cousin's 21st!
It was so awesomeee! Esp e dancefloor!
We cousins rawked the dancefloor like hell, sweat so much!
I, Archigal & Ellavarasy were going GAGA already!
Took pictures with ma cousins & then at e end, the whole group of family.
Taking a big family photo after SO MANY YEARS!
Indeed, memories stay deep in your heart! =]

Monday! Uh-huh
Yesterday.. tell you bout it!
was soo fun! Aites, studied in the evening.
In the night, webcam-ed with Sharvin, Amira & Jenny!
Amira went off! I still not sleep yet!
Chat with Sharvin until 2+am, then went to dreamland @ 3.30am!!
At last i could SLEEP!

Today! Woke up at 9.30am!
HAHS! So early i woke up!
Tried to sleep, but couldn't.
Talked to Desvin anneh & Amira!
Desvin desvin! This guy really can give me heart attack.
I SWEAR! He said he wants to grow beard like Silambarasan's father!
I went WTH?!
Wanted to go school to give something, budden I sudd felt so weak.
Took med & rest. & Just woke up!
& i'm blogging now.
Just edited some pics!
They are above! Happy SEEING!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
@ 1:18 AM

As I promised, I am bloggging now! =]]
I rewind from Sunday onwards! :DD

Sunday had an awesome day!
Evening made it SPLENDID!
Went to Yishun CC, the one outside Yishun interchange.
Had deepavali show! =]
Saw Theba, Monikca, Ramyaah, Gunaseelan, Theviyan!
Blasted songs, dance, dramas!
HAHA! Was really a blast!
Ended at 10.22pm
Won a lucky draw too! Non-Flame Cooker ((:
In the night.. SMS friend & went ZZZ.

I cant remember what I did on Monday. LOL
Ah ah ahh! Remembered!
I used COMP the WHOLE DAY!
Afternoon watched ninaithaalae innikum over the net!
Awww, damn touching in the end.
Friends are just like your stars! :D

Woke up @ 12pm!
Very early eh? LOL.
Used comp in the afternoon, started studying already.
Did my english homework & studied MATHS :DDD

Todayyy !
Woke up at 930 ; SUPRISINGLY!!
Hahahas. Cleaned house abit, use comp.
Webcam-ed with Sharvin & Xylon ! :DD
So funnnnnnn!
Chatted with Karthik Donkeee!
At least he MSN me, im fine with it.
The first sentence he MSN me was, Call 1900 ... & vote!
I was like " GOOOOOOOOOD! "
Hahaha! Karthik Karthik!
He's too obsessed over Tabitha!

Sorted out my facebook pics!
Edited pictures, those are the ones ABOVE :D
& now, chatting with DESVIN SUKUMARAN! :DD
Gonna studyyyyyyy !
Cya soooooon!

* Happy Birthday Sapna Sudhakaran *
Cousin 21st coming! Yeahoooo!

Saturday, November 14, 2009
@ 8:05 PM

Haha. I know i know!
Im kindaaa lazyy to blog.
Sorry to those who kept on begging me to blog!
LOL. Now you can read ma blog =DD

I shall talk bout yesterday!
Yesterday evening went over to Vithia's house for deepavali dinner =DD
I was so not expecting Sk Kasturi to come, but I saw her.
HAHA! && Priya!
LOLs. I met both of them in friendster , but i dint know they were sisters!
Had lots of fun talking to SK & Priya :DD
Everytime talk in MSN, such a bore.
Real life, SPLENDID!

Awww! Its been nearly 2 years since ive met him.
Last time i met him was, he came over to ma house on 24 December 2007!!
& now is 14 November 2009!!
Such a long gapppp!
He has grown a lil fatter :DD
Hahahahs! But always.. the comedy mannan :DD
While talking to him.. he was telling me all those past stuffs that we did in MSN.
Talk through the mic & talk about the SUN TV DRAMAS!
HAHAHAAHH! Those were the times.

Had a greatt dinner, & the chicken!
HAHA! I whack nicelyyy! :DD
Before i left, took pictures with SK & Priyaaaa.
& then i cao-ed back to home.
Awwww! Seriously had an awesome evening with the 3 of them :DD

I will BLOG when ive got the TIME =DD
Sunday, November 1, 2009
@ 3:09 AM

Hello Peeepz!
Alright! Its been a long time since ive blogged!
I shall rewind from friday onwards ;D

Last day of school.
We had deepavali concert.
Whole school was in the hall.
Concert was okayyyy la! Nott so bad!
Then had prize giving.
At the end, went back to class got our result slip.
Damn, i miss Mrs Teng & 2A3 ! =[

Yesterday hadd deepavali open house @ my crib! (:
It was so awesome.
Buttt ! the rain !
AHHHH! Have to like go down fetch Selva, Ram, Raghini & Sharvin !
Took photo!
I was watching how the way Sharvin eat!
HAHA! Damn funny!
It seeems he loves my house.
Pink colour!SHIOK!
Hip-hop house. LOOL.
Took lots lots of photo!
&& of course Theba, she never ends off the open house with her laughter !

Thanks people for coming.
Got lots of pics coming up soon.
Shall post that pics soon.
Meanwhile,see the pics above ;D
Take Cares

&&& Monikca, HAPPY BDAY